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Please find below some testimonials from people who have received complementary therapy treatments from me and from owners of animals. They show a variety of situations where these complementary therapies have been used to support people and animals in different situations.

Chrissie has a highly intuitive way of working and is definitely a sincere and sympathetic Reiki practitioner. The session I had with her at a recent retreat was immensely calming and relaxing, and I would have no hesitation in recommending her treatments. Relax, unwind and enjoy!


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Meg, my Border Terrier, was distraught following the death of her litter brother and life long companion. She lost interest in everything and became very “clingy”. Chrissie came to the house a couple of times and also practiced some distant healing with Meg. After her first session Meg fell fast asleep for hours and when she woke up she started to show a bit more interest in the family and food. At the second session Meg greeted Chrissie warmly and sat quietly next to her during the Reiki. Over the next few days we gradually saw Meg become Meg again.


I had months of not being able to get to sleep or waking numerous times in the night and it was beginning to impact on my daily life. I had one Reiki treatment with Chrissie. I can’t tell you anything about it as I fell asleep as soon as she placed her hands on my shoulders and I was totally unaware of anything until I was gently woken up. I slept through the alarm the next morning and have so far maintained a regular sleep pattern. Amazing.


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I have three “naughty” Shetland ponies who hate being caught and hate the farrier even more. So feet trimming is a traumatic experience for all concerned. I was very sceptical but asked Chrissie if she could do anything to help ease this situation. She came to the yard a couple of times to work with the Shetlands in the field and again on the morning the farrier was due. The result was three ponies caught and stabled with no battle and a farrier able to trim their hooves without a fight. I would not have believed it if I had not seen it with my own eyes. Who’s stolen my ponies!!! I give Chrissie a call every time the lads need their hooves trimming as it creates a less stressful time for us all.


When I have Reiki I feel relaxed and in control of my life. It has helped me to understand and deal with problems that may arise. I am calmer and less distressed and can see a way forward


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Over the past year I have had to face up to dementia and death in the family and taken on a carers role which increasingly became more stressful and physically demanding. This caused physical problems with my back, neck. hips and legs and I endured long weeks of painful physiotherapy. Subsequently stress manifested itself in my dealings with my horse Leo and my ability to control him either riding or even loading into a horsebox. He was virtually uncontrollable and very dangerous. I solved his physical problems by means of an osteopathic vet, but the stress still remained and his rehabilitation was slow. Chrissie practiced Reiki distant healing on Leo and I noticed the change in him almost immediately. He was calmer at loading and unloading and particularly travelling in the box. He was more relaxed and easier to school and ride. He was also a much nicer horse and astounded my instructors by the change in his attitude and appearance.

Janice C

The EFT sessions I had with Chrissie were life changing. Month by month we peeled back the strong emotions I held from different situations in my life until I felt they no longer had “a grip” on my life. Tapping between sessions was invaluable to me. Such a simple technique but so effective. Things seem clearer to me now.